After the child being born, every parent begins the period of parti cular concern, where great attention is paid to the surrounding world. One of the elements of this environment is bedlinen with extras e.g. baby‘s sleeping bags, horns, in which the child spends most of the time. Distinctive colours and appropriate selection of fabric allows the baby to discover and learn new experiences. TUTTOLINA company, in order to meet the parents‘ as well as their babies‘ needs, produces bedlinen, baby‘s sleeping bags, horns and other articles of hypoalergic 100% natural cotton, satin-cott on fabric, pleasant for a touch of a child. The present structure of natural cotton and satin-cott on fabrics ensures the baby‘s comfort and good mood. We suggest the products consistent with the following standard: CONFIDENCE IN TEXTILES tested for harmful substances to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. TREVIRA BIOACTIVE is the fibre used to fill the duvets and cushions, having bioactive properties, with the cover enriched with bacteriostatic aloe substance – ALOE VERA. Connection of unwoven fabric with the cover results in the duvet and pillow being anti alergic, having the properties of preventi on-medicinal products, characterized by: impediment of microorganism development, lightness, softness, roundedness, circulation having very good insulation properties (water and thermal management during the sleep proceeds correctly), maintenance of constant temperature during the sleep, strengthening the effect of the sleep, appropriate hygienic properties for the persons suffering from allergies, aesthetic value and ease in maintenance. The application of silver ions is a unique solution in the products based on TREVIRA BIOACTIVE fibres. They are permanently bound with fabric, eliminating the bacteria from the textile surface. TREVIRA BIOACTIVE bioactive fibers incorporates the permanently embedded active factor that guarantees constant anti bacterial effect, not influenced by the product washing or using. The fabric used as fi lling has some important unique characteristi cs thereby achieving high anti-allergic coeffi cient. The duvet and pillow are fi lled with the VEN FILL system, ensuring the even spread of unwoven fabric, being the filling, providing the ease of tucking the child and practicality in use, have obtained the „Medical Goods“  compliance certificate by ITB Moratex. Furthermore, our bedlinen is enriched with the EASY WASH system consisting in the to take out the fi lling from the protector to facilitate laundry. The modern styling, created by Italian designers, high quality of the certified materials in accordance with the European requirements, rich, various and colourful design enriched with the fairytale applique designs help our products to meet the expectations of each individual customer. TUTTOLINA will make sure that your child sleeps safely and peacefully, making the bed with thousands of smiles.
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